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SNT4EVER is an association formed by skaters from Barcelona who have energized the space of the Sants station in a totally independent way and now is formed as an association between the city council, the neighbors and the skaters of the square, to save a mythical square in the world of skateboarding and initiate dialogue between the city council and skaters. In addition to promoting urban culture, in particular skateboarding, among the various neighborhood associations, schools and anyone interested in collaborating with us. 


"Architecture is not like sculpture. It is alive. It lives in pieces and is reconstructed in each person's mind. It is necessary to experience it in different days, hours, states of mind". With this premise Albert Viaplana, in tandem with Helio Piñón, revolutionized contemporary Barcelona and opened the doors to a new way of understanding public space. One of the great projects that reflects this is the Plaça dels Països Catalans in Barcelona (1981-1983), in front of Sants station. 

Viaplana and Piñón designed a foundation space with no vegetation and two large covers made of wooden planks. They were looking for a timeless and minimalist proposal, expressed in abstract, simple and anonymous lines, so that anyone could use it. This project, which encapsulates architectural deconstructionism, won them the FAD Architecture Award".

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Video Effort. Recordings from one of the independent skate videos of the time show that already in the 90's there was a high level of skateboarding in this square. And that the life in it comes from many generations ago.


People from all over the world come to Barcelona to skate its squares and streets. And the city council limits itself to making skateparks with ramps and bowls. That have little to do with the main reason for the arrival of people from all over the world to the city.

ADIF and/or the municipality removed the benches without any maintenance or replacement for 20 years.


The deterioration of the square is due to the works carried out by ADIF and the construction of emergency exits in the middle of the plaza.

In addition to the complete lack of maintenance of the plaza by the city council, which instead of restoring what was deteriorating, was limited to put patches or remove street furniture without replacing anything. Until they have come to leave the esplanade that we have today.

The locals fix the plaza and build new curbs to give a second life to the already totally abandoned and dismantled plaza.


Locals fixing one of the many holes or "cracks" in the floor of the square. Caused, contrary to what everyone thinks, not by skateboarders but by the heavy trucks that once broke the ground when they circulated through the square to carry out the works of the emergency exits of the tracks of Sants station.


Go skateboarding day: Replica of one of the mythical tables of the square built by the locals.


Go skateboarding day: Competitions that contribute to the world of skateboarding and move a large number of young people who at the end of the day practice what they like the most.

Cities for people!

Special thanks to:


EDGAR TELLEZ @corporationlover por la ayuda con los papeles de formación de la asociación
JUAN GAMINDE, tesorero de la asociación
MARCOS ÁLVAREZ WELTERS secretario de la asociación y mano derecha


MARINA GASOLINA @marinagasolina por los diseños para el instagram
DEBORA NUNES @00debnf por el diseño de los documentos oficiales y la paciencia
AGATHE VERDIER @verdieragathe por el diseño web


DANIEL YABAR @danielyabar por el mapa de uso del monopatín en la plaza
ROGER SNT @emedemoloch por los renders 3D
VRIKO @vriko__  por los renders 3D

IRVIN DIAZ @irvinvcs por los renders


DAVID SUSKO @david_susko por las fotos
ROGER FERRERO @rogerferrero por las fotos
AXEL SERRAT @agboton por las fotos


FTC BARCELONA @ftcbarcelona for the support y la lanzadera para la asociación
JULIO ARNAU @julioarnau for the support
ALBERTO CASTOR @albertokastor por las rampas para la asociación
TONI LÓPEZ por el apoyo, la construcción y hacer de speaker en los eventos
AL_UNO @al_uno por los graffittis para la plaza
@mujergitana por los graffittis para la asociación
SNT OG’S por enseñarnos todo lo que sabemos sobre la plaza
MARCOS GÓMEZ @seniorgomez por ser el ejemplo a seguir 

SNTLOCALS por ser las mejores personas con las que rodearse cada dia